Itxaro Borda

Bayonne, 1959. The author Itxaro Borda has developed a long career in the field of Basque literature. She published her first work, the collection of poems Bizitza nola badoan, in 1984, together with the Maiatz association. Among her most outstanding works are: Udaran betaurreko beltzekin (1987), Urtemuga lehorraren kronika (1989), Bestaldean (1992), Orain (1999), Hiruko (2003) and Zeruetako erresuma (2005). From 1994 to 2015 she published five investigations by Amaia Ezpeldoi, lesbian detective, in the Susa and Maiatz editorials. In 2002 she received the Euskadi Literary Award for the novel % 100 Basque (Susa). Several of her novels and many of her poems have been translated into different languages, and it is the author herself who translates her works into French. She has been contributing to the Basque press since 1977 (Herria, Argia, Egin, Gara, Berria, etc.), as well as writing the words of songs for several groups. She studied History at Pau University.

Interview: Eli Tolaretxipi

San Sebastián, 1962. Poet, teacher and translator. She has writen, among others, the poem books Amor Muerto / Naturaleza Muerta, Los lazos del número, El especulador and Edgar. She has translated the works of Sylvia Plath, Elizabeth Bishop, Menna Elfyn, Aurelia Arkotxa, Tess Gallagher, Lydia Flemm or Patti Smith. Her books have been translated in France and England, and her poems have been included in many anthologies.

Eli Tolaretxipi

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