Ricardo Ugarte

1942, Pasajes de San Pedro, Gipuzkoa. Sculptor belonging to the Basque School of Sculpture, his creation extends to painting, photography, visual poetry and literature. Winner in 1970 of the Ciudad de Irún essay with his work Collage Nº1, he has published the poems Silencio de Eternidades and Aylux. His sculptural work is present, among others, in the collections of the Reina Sofía Art Center in Madrid, Artium Museum of Vitoria, Museum of Contemporary Art of Seville, Museum of San Telmo de San Sebastián, etc., as well as in multiple national and international public spaces.


Interview: Julia Otxoa

San Sebastián, 1953. Poet and storyteller, her creation extends to the field of visual poetry, photography, and the visual arts in general. Her work, with more than thirty titles published in poetry, narrative, and children’s narrative has been translated into several languages ​​and included in different anthologies of poetry, visual poetry and short stories, from Spain and America.

Julia Otxoa

16 min.


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