Anjel Lertxundi

Orio (Basque Country), 1948. Writer, literary critic, journalist and screenwriter. He completed his first studies in San Sebastián, where he obtained a teaching degree. He also has a degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Valencia. He was a professor at the Ikastola Salbatore Mitxelena of Zarautz and has also been a professor of Basque Literature and Universal Literature at the School of Teaching of the Diocese of San Sebastián between the years 1979-1989. A prolific writer, he has dealt with all fields, starting with novels and short stories, up to translations, articles, essays, as well as children’s and youth literature. He has alternated teaching with journalism, having collaborated in the newspapers Berria, Diario Vasco, El País, La Vanguardia, as well as in various magazines. He has been a screenwriter for film and television. He is the founder and first president of the Association of Basque Writers and an honorary member of Euskaltzaindia – Royal Academy of the Basque Language.

Interview: Alexander Gurrutxaga Muxika

Doctor en literatura vasca y profesor de la Universidad del País Vasco. Estudió Filología Vasca y Literatura Comparada en la UPV y en la Universidad de Trento (Italia) y se doctoró con una tesis sobre la obra poética de Xabier Lete. Ha publicado artículos académicos sobre poesía vasca, memoria histórica y literatura, y literatura infantil y juvenil y ha colaborado como crítico literario.

Alexander Gurrutxaga Muxika

19 min.


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