Bertrand Tavernier

Lyon, 1941. Director and screenwriter, lover of american cinema and one of the most successful and committed filmmaker of France. He is versatile to address different genres and faces projects with a high ideological content. He studied advocacy in Sorbona and started to work in the cinema industry with Jean-Pierre Melville, as his assistant. He has directed, among others, Capitaine Conan, Ça commence aujourd’hui, L’horloger de Saint-Paul and Round Midnight. He is film critic and historian, and the president of the Institut Lumière of Lyon.

Interview: Joxean Fernández

Director of the Basque Film Library since December 2010 and member of the San Sebastián International Film Festival Management Committee since January 2011, he is a tenured lecturer (currently on extended leave of absence) at the University of Nantes and a specialist in Contemporary History and the History of Film. He has a PhD from the University of Zaragoza and the University of Nantes, writing his co-supervised doctoral thesis on Film and the Civil War in the Basque Country (1936-2006).

Joxean Fernández

20 min.


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