Julián Casanova

1956. Valdealgorfa, Teruel. He is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Zaragoza and Visiting Professor at the Central European University. He has been a visiting professor at prestigious British (Queen Mary College) American (Harvard, Notre Dame and New School for Social Research) and Latin American universities (FLACSO, in Quito; and Universidad Industrial de Santander, in Bucaramanga, Colombia). In recent years he has been a visiting professor at the Central European University (Budapest). He is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals (among them, Historia Social, Cuadernos de Historia de España – Buenos Aires- and The International Journal of Iberian Studies). Scientific director and author of the texts of the Torrero Cemetery Memorial in Zaragoza (the most important memorial that has been built in Spain for the victims of the Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship). He is the author, among other works, of La historia social y los historiadores, De la calle al frente. El anarcosindicalismo en España, 1931-1939, La Iglesia de Franco, República y guerra civil, Breve historia de España en el siglo XX with Carlos Gil Andrés, Europa contra Europa, 1914-1945 and A Short History of the Spanish Civil War.

Interview: Gaizka Fernández Soldevilla

He has a degree in History by the University of Deusto (2003) and a PhD in Contemporary History by the University of the Basque Country (2012). He is in charge of the the Archive, Research and Documentation area of The Fundación Centro para la Memoria de las Víctimas del Terrorismo (Victims of Terrorism Memorial Centre in The Basque Country). He has written many books and writes articles in El Correo newspaper and many academic magazines.

Gaizka Fernández Soldevilla

22 min


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