Annabel Martín

Director, Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth-USA (GRID). She holds a degree in English and Hispanic Philology from Universidad de Deusto (Spain) and she completed her studies at the University of Oregon, where she earned her PH.D and an M.A. She is currently studying the cultural context surrounding the end of ETA terrorism in Spain and the role the arts play in processes of reconciliation in her manuscript Rest in Peace: The Basque Political Contours of the Arts, a collaborative project with many Basque artists. She is also, among others, a member of a research team at the Universitat de València (Spain) studying tourism and national identity, as well as a member of a joint Communication Studies research group (Boston College, Universidad de Deusto-Spain, and Dartmouth College) studying gender in higher education curricula.

Interview: Pilar Rodríguez

Pilar Rodriguez holds a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Deusto (San Sebastián, Spain) and a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University (Cambridge, USA). She worked as a professor in Columbia University until 2002 (New York, USA), and is currently full professor at Deusto University (San Sebastián, Spain). She has published many books and articles about literature, cinema, culture and gender studies.

Pilar Rodríguez

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