Slavenka Drakulic

Zagreb, 1949. Journalist, essayist and novelist. From 1982 to 1992, she was a staff writer for the Start bi-weekly newspaper and news weekly Danas in Zagreb, writing mainly on feminist issues. After a great professional career, Drakulic temporarily left Croatia in the early 1990s for political reasons. Her noted works relate to the Yugoslav wars. She writes in serbo-croatian an in english. Her books has been translated into more than 15 languages. Drakulic is one of the most read author from Croatia. She graduated in Sociology and Compared Literature for the University in Zagreb.

Interview: Berta Ares Yáñez

Journalist and culture researcher. She collaborates with public and private institutions with the aim of spreading reflection, knowledge and debate through activities programs and curating contents. She regularly publishes interviews and literary reviews on Revista de Letras. In 2022 she has published the essay “La leyenda del santo bebedor“. She has also published essay in many media.

Berta Ares Yáñez

19 min.


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