Adam Zagajewski

Lvov, now Ucrania, 1945. Awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Literature in 2017, is one of the key voices of the european poetry of the last 50 years. His work is a claim of the power of the poetry to elevate the human experience above the daily life and the historical. He studied Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Cracovia, was a member of the group of poetry Now until 1975, and is one of the most brilliant poets of the so-called Generation of the New Wave. He was censored by the polish communist system. He settled in Paris in 1982, in his words, more because of sentimental reasons, than politics. He has also lived in Berlin and the USA, and came back to Cracovia in 2002. Every year he works as a guest professor in the University of Chicago.

Interview: Berta Ares Yáñez

Journalist and culture researcher. She collaborates with public and private institutions with the aim of spreading reflection, knowledge and debate through activities programs and curating contents. She regularly publishes interviews and literary reviews on Revista de Letras. In 2022 she has published the essay “La leyenda del santo bebedor“. She has also published essay in many media.

Berta Ares Yáñez

18 min.


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